Family Self-Sufficiency Program


The National Affordable Housing Act created the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program. FSS mobilizes HUD housing assistance to leverage public and private sector resources that can help residents of assisted housing achieve economic independence. Use of housing as a stabilizing force permits the family to invest their energy and efforts-including employment, education, and job training- that are necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.


FSS represents a bold approach to helping families leave the welfare system or low-paying jobs, and achieve economic self-sufficiency. The overriding theme of the FSS program is to empower people to take control of their lives by becoming independent, productive members of their communities.


FSS Success

  • The FSS program has had more than 55 graduates and the Muncie Housing Authority has disbursed more than $200,000 in escrow accounts to its graduates.

  • During their 5 year contract period, many participants have obtained associates degrees, obtained full-time employment in desired fields and entered the Homeownership Program.

  • We have had many successful FSS Participants with Escrow accounts.

  • We currently have participants in the Homeownership Program.


Email our FSS Coordinator, for more information.