Public Housing Flat Rent Schedule

Effective date: September 1, 2023
Expiration Date: Effective until Amended, Superseded, or Rescinded

MHA here by amends its flat rent policies to comply with the statutory changes contained in within, Public Law 113-76, the Fiscal Year 2014 Appropriation Act.

MHA will set the flat rental amount for each public unit amount that complies with the requirement that all flat rents be set at no less then 85 percent of the applicable Fair Market Rent (FMR) adjusted, and if necessary account for reasonable utilities costs.

MHA will maintain a record that documents the basis on which the flat rents are established and revised, and the record will be available for inspection by residdents upon request. The current flat rent schedule will be available for review by visiting MHA offices.

 MHA will place a cap on any increase in a family’s rental payment that exceeds 35 precent, and is a result of changes to the flat rental amount as follows: